Letter from Our Founder

Welcome to The Hoffman Art Institute and into the world of Russian artist Boris Chetkov. Upon discovering this great artist almost nine years ago, I had no idea that I would be so fortunate as to have such an extensive collection of his masterpiece paintings. During this fascinating journey to acquire these special works, I have often asked myself, why? The answer continues to be the same; Boris Chetkov is not only a brilliant artist, but his paintings challenge me emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually every day. He paints in a manner that combines beauty, intelligence, movement, and color, suggesting a belief that all things are interconnected and part of a great whole.

Wonderfully, each of you will experience Chetkov in your own way. For me, his paintings are deeply intuitive and alive with luminosity and color. They seem to vibrate with an irrepressible inner spirit, suggesting something new and relevant each day. There is a rhythmic and continuous dynamic flow in Chetkov's art, one which I also see in the world around me. His paintings, regardless the subject matter, introduce a sense of both possibility and potentiality with each work, the outcome of which is influenced by thought and choice of action. In addition, amazingly, Chetkov is able to present a scene in a manner that reflects a state of being and becoming, all at the same time. How great is that!

As you now enter The Hoffman Art Institute and begin to discover the wonder of Chetkov's fantastical mind, be prepared for the experience of a lifetime. Many of the paintings you are about to view have never before been seen by the general public, as they have come directly from the private collection of Boris and Luda Chetkov. With each beautiful creation, Boris Chetkov invites you to participate in his own private world. I hope you enjoy the experience.

Peter Hoffman, Jr.
Founder- Hoffman Art Institute

Art Historian Rosie Rockel on Boris Chetkov

In this new video, art historian Rosie Rockel comments on Russian Master Boris Chetkov and his work. Enjoy!

Peter Hoffman on Boris Chetkov

We are pleased to have added three new videos featuring our founder, Peter Hoffman, Jr discussing individual works from the Hoffman Art Institute's collection. The paintings involved are:

Flowers & Fruits, 2010


Quartet, 1996


I Am A General, 1979